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HappyMod APK 2.8.0 – Download Mod [Pro, Ad-Free]

If the Google Play Store doesn't offer you what you want in terms of games, take a look at the HappyMod store. An alternative and the best app store that contains game mods and premium apps. All of these are modified versions of popular Android apps; just because they are modified, they will not appear in the official App Store, even if they are legal and safe to use. Thus, HappyMod was created to host them. In this article, we are going to offer HappyMod Pro APK, which consists of no ads at all.

Android phones have taken control of our lives for a long time now. After all, we need our smartphones for every little thing! Play, broadcast, binge-watching, or do tons of things. That said, we all know that the apps that are offered to us are just the basic versions of everything. In reality, they have much more to offer than we know. That's why the world has turned to mod apk versions of different apps. Well, it reminds us that one of the best Android markets available right now is HappyMod.

HappyMod APK 2.8.0 – Download Mod Pro

What is HappyMod Pro APK?

HappyMod is no different from any mobile app store. All apps and games are categorized and you can easily find something using the built-in search function. Application developers consist of a system in such a way that it automatically retrieves mods from reliable sources. In addition, users can download their own mods. But, before that, a task force checks that particular element. So, if there is malicious code in the app, it can be found. This is how their filtration works.

This way, you can get paid apps without any hassle, and you can have access to the paid features without paying a single penny to the developer. The user interface is quite impressive for this type of third-party application as the developers do a great job in this aspect and also in updating mods. All thanks to the community they have built so far. Without this community, it is impossible to test applications. This is how their 100% functional mod slogan can be justified.

App details

Name HappyMod Pro
Version 2.8.0
Developer DroidGens
Size APK 10 MB
Category Apps
Updated to July 01, 2022


Download HappyMod APK Latest Ad-Free Version for Android

The General HappyMod app contains many intrusive advertisements that cannot be easily removed by any user. So we decided to tweak the app a bit to remove the total number of ads and we're starting to call it the Pro Edition. Thus, the Pro application is only a modified version and uses all the official resources. If you want to download the latest version of HappyMod Pro APK, follow the link below.


You can ask

If you haven't found the app change you need anywhere, don't worry. You can send a request to the development team. We will inform you as soon as we have it. In case you find a mod out of version or not working, you can also send an update request.

Removed listings

Yes, you heard that right. We have completely removed the ads in this version of HappyMod Pro. Thus, you can download any app/game from the best app store with peace of mind.

Recommendation based on user feedback

You get recommendations based solely on positive feedback from users or testers. Even, you can read the comments under the page of the app in question. So, decide after reading the functional state of the article. By the way, all of them are mainly in perfect working order.

Safe and secure

Happy Mod is completely safe to use the Android App Store even though it is not available in the Google Playstore for several reasons. Basically, this platform is secure for many people in the world and especially for gamers; it is a must-have game mod platform.

Honestly, you don't need to be afraid of malicious code in our apps, as they are monitored by many people. In addition, the active community of users within the platform can answer your questions.

Timely updates

Happy Mod receives timely updates from the official developers, and we also provide HappyMod Pro APK updates as soon as the original comes out. Thus, you can easily download it from this page once you see the update notification in the opening window.

Fast Download Servers

Obviously, the playstore had the best servers on earth now. However, the HappyMod team has also provided an excellent cloud infrastructure for downloading Android apps and games. So, in the end, you will get a decent speed when downloading APK and OBB files.

Supported languages

Languages include English, Romanian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Thai, Italian and Vietnamese.

Final Words

Well, I hope you understand the story behind the HappyMod Pro app. For your record, this is a simple mod app that comes with the ad-free feature of the official HappyMod App Store.


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