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Spotify Premium APK (Premium Unlocked) 2022

Spotify Premium APK is for you if you are one of those music lovers and in your free time you like to listen to it, but you want to download everything to your mobile phone, create your playlists, listen in the background because today we bring you Spotify Premium Free Apk, a modified application with which you will have all the premium functions unlocked since they will be included when you download this APK file.

Let's start with the basic concepts of this excellent app that today is one of the most popular in the world when it comes to listening to music from your mobile phone, laptop or Smart TV. Spotify Pemium Free for Android is a great app that allows you to download all your music from your computer directly to your mobile phone.

Spotify Premium APK

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Update 17-AOT-2022
Current version
Mod Premium unlocked
Android required 4.3 and later
File size 34.2 MB
category Music and audio
promoter Spotify AB
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Listen to music without restriction

With this small application, you will be able to listen to thousands of different albums and music, choose the music you want and create your own playlists that you can listen to without an internet connection.

The only downside is that to get the most out of this music, you will need to have a Spotify premium account, which will also remove all ads and allow you to listen to your music anytime, anywhere, but with this app that we bring you will be able to enjoy Spotify's free premium without having to pay absolutely nothing since it is a modified application that provides most of the premium features.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify, as we know well, has two plans, the free plan and the Premium plan where they will give us many additional advantages to the free plan, in this case with one or the other you can listen to music without problems, but with some disadvantages of the free plan.

The premium version offers us much more advantages than the free version, below we will see some of the main features that the paid version offers us, remember that this is an application modified to provide premium features for free, without having to pay but with many payment functions that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Ad-free Spotify

Starting from the fact that with the premium plan, you will listen to music without any type of advertising because the free version is very common for ads from various advertisers to jump into this app and they will last a few seconds on average, so if the ads bother you by listening to Spotify premium apk free, consider getting the premium version with which you will forget all those annoying ads while listening to your favorite songs.

Unlimited skips on Spotify

Another advantage of the premium plan is the advantage of giving unlimited jumps between songs, that is, we can switch from one song to another without problems, which does not happen in the free version where we will be limited in the number of jumps, it means that if we do not like a song and we want to change it, this will be limited, in conclusion of not having the possibility to make several jumps to the song since with the free version we will have a limit for this, with the premium version, you will have unlocked it.

Listen to music offline

One of the most popular advantages is to listen to music without having an internet connection, it is because with the free Spotify Premium plan We will be able to have the possibility to download the music to our devices in order to listen to it without the need for internet.

And this is one of the advantages for which most users subscribe to the premium and it is that it is very satisfying to have our music to be able to listen to it without having an internet connection and enjoy it at any time.

Benefits of Spotify Premium

The main disadvantage of Spotify Premium is that it is not free. However, it offers some interesting features. But don't worry, here you can get the APK with the premium mod. First of all, it allows you to listen to all the songs in your library offline.

Secondly, it allows you to enjoy music offline, which is great for traveling and working. And finally, you can enjoy all the songs on Spotify even offline. There are various other benefits of Spotify Premium, which you can read below.

You can listen to music offline. One of the most attractive features of Spotify Premium is the ability to listen to your music offline. This is a great advantage that will appeal to music lovers. Also, you can download your favorite songs to enjoy offline. Indeed, this feature allows you to listen to all your music without an internet connection.

How to install Spotify Premium Apk Free?

This time we bring you a modified Android application to be able to enjoy all the advantages that Spotify Premium Mod offers us for free, which is in its latest version, fully updated and anti-banable and functional.


We will leave you an apk file that, as we have mentioned, is already modified to be able to have the premium version completely free, for this it is important that you first uninstall the version of Spotify that you have in order to install it without problems We remind you that all the applications that we download are previously checked and tested so that you can be sure that you will download a functional and virus-free application.

Requirements for Spotify Free APK

As we mentioned earlier, this is an application for Android exclusively devices that have a version of Android 4.3+, the vast majority of which surely has a much higher version, remember that for the installation of applications that do not come from the Google Play Store, you need to enable the "Unknown sources" option found in the settings of our mobile phone.

Since several times the installation of unofficial applications on our mobile phone is always blocked, for this it is important to have this option enabled, if you do not know how to activate it, you can find out how to activate sources or unknown sources on your mobile phone.

By fulfilling the installation requirements, you will be able to access Spotify Premium APK free for Android completely free.


  • Unlimited jumps
  • Dark Amoled theme
  • Unlocked Quest
  • Selecting any unlocked song
  • Maximum quality sound
  • Share unlocked lyrics
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Random unlocked

Download Spotify Premium APK

Download Spotify Premium APK Free 2022 listen to music with all premium features unlocked. You can now have Spotify Premium Mod APK Android ad-free. Do you like to listen to music and do you want a platform where you have all the music? Download Spotify Premium APK for Android in its latest version and enjoy all the content that this application offers us.


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