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How to choose the GPU for video games with Windows 10?


How to choose the GPU for video games with Windows 10?

Open Settings.

Go to System> View.

Go to Graphics Settings.

In the "Graphics Performance" preferences, select the type of app you want to configure: desktop app or Microsoft Store app

For desktop applications, click "Browse" and select the .exe file of the application to install.


For Microsoft Store apps, select the app and click "Add".

Click the "Options" button under the application you want to configure.

Choose the GPU you want to use: Determined by Windows: Windows 10 will automatically select the most suitable GPU. Power saving: Use a low-power GPU (usually a built-in GPU, such as Intel HD Graphics). High Performance: Use a high-performance GPU (usually NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon and other dedicated graphics GPUs)

After clicking "Save", confirm that the selected GPU has been associated with the application.

Restart the application for the changes to take effect.



Topic starter Posted : 14/08/2022 2:34 am