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How to Fix WDF Violation Error in Windows 10


How to Fix WDF Violation Error in Windows 10

For the past few weeks, we've had many HP PCs back in the shop with this beautiful blue screen WDF_VIOLATON (BSOD).

It is not a matter of reinstalling the system, but simply of fixing the error. The treatment is simple and only takes a few minutes!

What is the reason for the WDF VIOLATION? Microsoft is responsible for this. In fact, around October 10, Redmon released update KB4462919.

This update adds a broken driver for the HP Keyboard. After restarting your computer, you will receive this beautiful message:

wdf blue screen violation

The problem mainly affects HP and DELL computers Fortunately there is a trick!

WDF Violation Solution Rename the HPQKBFILTR file.SYS You need to rename the driver in question.

It's called HpqKbFiltr.sys To rename, there are several solutions: The first solution, start from the command prompt

Turn off the computer, then turn it back on and continue pressing F8.

If you are lucky, you will come across the WINDOWS repair menu. Need to choose the troubleshooter and then the advanced options

Windows Repair Troubleshooting Menu


At least select Command Prompt

Windows Repair Command Menu

Start from the command line, here are some command entries Depending on the number of departments, I propose you to do this: It will display the correct file list for Windows. After you find the letter, you must run the following command:

cd LetterOfYourSystemPartition: Windows System32 driver This command allows you to go to the folder

Drivers located in C: \Windows\System32

Example of the letter C:

cd C:\Windows\System32\Drivers

After entering this command in the folder:

ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys_old

This command renames the corrupted driver to .sys_old

You can restart the computer by pressing Exit


By exploring the second solution of the hard drive from another computer

If you have a case that can read a hard drive, can you help me, I call it a "disk drive",

it looks like this:

external hard drive

You need to unmount your computer's hard drive, connect it to the "disk drive", from your computer and Windows Explorer, you need to go to the Drivers folder and rename the file


Windows Drivers folder

Once the file is renamed, you need to uninstall the wrong update and perform a WINDOWS update

Uninstall my KB4462919 Your PC needs to restart, you need to go to the "Programs and Features" menu and then "View installed updates"


Programs and features


Finally, in the upper right corner, you need to write the name of KB or: KB4462919


Double-click it to uninstall the update. Perform WINDOWS updates Restart the computer and update Windows via WINDOWS UPDATE


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