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How to Recover Data after Windows Crash


How to Recover Data after Windows Crash

When your computer still boots properly and you accidentally deleted your data or a partition is deleted, your data is now in an unallocated space. There is still an easy solution, but it is a topic for another day.

We have all come to rely heavily on our computers for everything from work to entertainment; some people also depend on their computer for their social life. When Windows crashes and you have important things for you on the computer, you will get angry and frustrated.

Well, it's time to forget about frustration and anger. We need to be proactive and realize that there is a very simple solution to the problem. We need to protect the data in it and NOT overwrite it. Then we need to bypass Windows or Mac OS and boot to another source.

How to Recover Data after Windows Crash

Finally, we need to copy our important data, files, images, music, etc. to a safe place. Then we can try to restart the computer knowing that your data will not be lost if you need to reformat and reinstall your operating system.

There is good and bad in this situation. The good news is that this is an operating system failure, not hardware failure; your precious data is fine. It sits on the drive where you left it, waiting for you to pick it up.

We will use a Knoppix boot CD to boot this computer without using Windows. Once we have started, we will recover your data and copy it to a safe location. Once this is complete, you can enter and make all the repairs and corrections you want. Maybe at this point, you want to take it to your favorite repair location and ask them to review it. It might even save you from paying them to restore your data after repairing the operating system.

The method I recommend and the simplest method I have found for this specific situation is this one. Use a computer (friends, work, or your other computer) to download the software and burn it to a disc. If you search the Knoppix startup disk, you will find many places to download the files.

There are places where Toy can pay a small fee to download Knoppix files, CD burning software, and detailed instructions on how to accomplish this task. If you're on a tight budget but need instructions, this is definitely the way to go.

The disk is then placed in your non-working computer. Your computer comes to life and boots with the operating system on the CD; it doesn't change anything on your computer! You have a browser type, a desktop environment to work with to explore your computer. From there, you plug in a USB flash drive or external hard drive and copy your data to the removable drive. Shut down the computer, and then try to restore the operating system so that it works again.


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