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How to reset repair restore dell operating system?


How to reset repair restore dell operating system?

today we will see what to do in the recovery environment to repair your operating system when it no longer boots we will take the opportunity to see a tip specific to the dell system , so I advise you to read this article in full to make sure that your operating system does not boot

really more turn it off by leaving the

really more turn it off by leaving the power button pressed for at least five seconds to restart the and turn off the 2 or 3 times in the same way if the operating system does not launch the recovery environment should then launch if the recovery environment does not launch check that you do not have to repair the boot sector by following this tutorial the video being filed its link is also available in the description is let's discuss a particular case your operating system has been stuck for a day on an update like the world this screen you restart your system but it does not launch the recovery environment and returns the update if you have a dell system without you can use the assist support tool, restart your computer is brought the f12 key to the logo if you see the line support assist west recovery go down on it with the arrows of the keyboard and press the enter key click on the power button then on the line recovery windows

now you know this trick

you now know this trick to open the windows recovery environment without having to boot on our media in case you do not have access to the tool you will have on the other hand started on the recovery drive or dvd or usb key windows installation select troubleshooting then options

advanced you have various choices on the

Advanced you have various choices on the eyes if the operating system no longer starts following an update the installation of a device driver program we advise you to use System Restore you will have to choose the camp of users and enter the associated password to be able to continue click on the next button check the box show other restore points choose the restore point with the date that corresponds to the beginning of the problems encountered with the operating system click on the finished button if you do not have to back up some files on an external disk there is still time to do it otherwise if you have all your backups click on yes the system restore will take some time click on the button to start at the end of the process if the operating system no longer launches with by

example error message telling you

example error message telling you


that files are missingthen try instead the optionsystem restart tools the processwill launch and tell you if it was able to performthe repair or not click on thebutton restart the end of the process ifit workedotherwise you can try the options

Another approach is to

Another approach is to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall some programs and features in this mode


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