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How Windows 10 restricts your internet connection


How Windows 10 restricts your internet connection

For some time now, you've noticed that your connection is slow and everything is fine from the carrier's point of view. First of all, before you cry, please read the rest of the article, which can solve your internet speed problem. Even if you didn't notice it, it's possible that the update was performed on your computer after the last anniversary update.

Windows 10 may limit the TCP bandwidth of the Internet connection. This is because the so-called "auto-tuning" feature (a feature designed to improve the performance of applications receiving data on TCP sockets) can slow down the speed. Fortunately, this restriction can be easily disabled (or enabled).

Please note that for some people, enabling this feature instead of disabling it can restore your internet speed, and I am one of them. Since the update, why is Windows 10 limiting internet connections.

Some Windows users report that their Internet connection is very slow. This issue occurs every time you install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The problem stems from an optimization system that should generally improve the performance of applications that use TCP. In some cases, this system is called Windows Auto-Tuning or Auto-Tuning Reception Window in the French version of Windows, and its function is the opposite (translation is on the street!). This feature has existed since Windows Vista and, due to certain circumstances, it may cause your Internet connection to crash.

Why disable Window Auto-Tuning?

You will learn how to disable this famous feature by using the computer keyboard to open the Windows Command Prompt as an administrator.

  • Press the keyWindows + the letter R
  • Type CMD
  • Press Ctrl+ Shift + Enter

The next window opens (see img below)


Then type the following line in "Command Prompt" to view the status of the auto-fit.

  • netsh interface tcp show global

You should have the following

And to be able to disable this feature, please write the following command.

  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Now, the automatic setting of the receive window is disabled and will no longer interfere with your Internet connection. If the Internet connection does not return to normal after that and the speed does not return to a suitable value, it means that the problem is not the quote itself and you should continue to look for the factors that hinder the Internet connection. If necessary, you can easily re-enable this feature with the following command:

« netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel= normal "


If not, you can also use the following command to disable the zoom rate and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled

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