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[Free] IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro Free License Key 2023

The IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro software is an innovative solution designed to rejuvenate your computer’s performance and ensure it runs at its full potential. With the working Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro License Key, you can keep your hard drive performance at its peak.

It offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at defragmenting and organizing your files, resulting in faster access times and smoother overall operation.

In this article, we are sharing some 100% working Free IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro License Keys for 1 Year. Say goodbye to slow startups, unresponsive applications, and frustratingly long file access times.

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About IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro

IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro is a powerful software designed to optimize and improve the performance of your computer’s hard drive. It offers advanced defragmentation technology that organizes fragmented files on your disk, resulting in faster file access and improved overall system speed.

IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro goes beyond traditional defragmentation by utilizing intelligent algorithms to analyze and prioritize files based on their usage frequency. It intelligently moves frequently accessed files to faster areas of the disk for quicker access, thereby optimizing file access speed and system responsiveness.

One of the standout features of IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro is its real-time optimization capability. It can automatically and continuously monitor your system, defragmenting files in the background as needed. This ensures that your disk remains optimized even during regular computer usage, without any interruptions or manual intervention.

Features of IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro

IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro is equipped with a range of powerful features designed to optimize your computer’s hard drive and enhance system performance.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Advanced Defragmentation: It uses advanced defragmentation algorithms to efficiently organize fragmented files on your hard drive. By rearranging file fragments into contiguous blocks, it minimizes file access time and improves overall system responsiveness.
  • Boot Time Defrag: It offers a specialized feature called Boot Time Defrag, which defragments system files during the boot process. By optimizing these critical files, it reduces system startup time and improves the overall booting speed of your computer.
  • Game Optimization: Gamers can benefit from IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro’s Game Optimization feature, which focuses system resources on gaming applications. By intelligently prioritizing game files and processes, it ensures a smoother gaming experience with reduced lag and faster loading times.
  • SSD Trim Function: IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro License Key provides an SSD Trim function specifically designed for solid-state drives (SSDs). It optimizes the performance and lifespan of SSDs by securely erasing unnecessary data and clearing invalid shortcuts, freeing up valuable storage space.
  • Intelligent Disk Health Analysis: This feature allows you to monitor the health status of your hard drive. It provides valuable insights into disk temperature, usage, and potential errors, enabling you to take proactive measures to prevent data loss and ensure the longevity of your storage device.

Moreover, IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro offers a range of customizable settings, allowing you to tailor the defragmentation process to your specific needs. You can schedule automatic defragmentation at convenient times, choose between different defragmentation modes, and exclude specific files or folders from the process.

The Free version of Smart Defrag comes with basic features whereas the PRO version offers advanced features such as Boot time defragment, Defrag registry files, Up to 200% faster file access, etc.

However, the pro version costs $17.99 for a single PC and $19.99 for 3 devices. The plan will be valid for 1 year and you can purchase this software by going to the IObit Smart Defrag official website.

If you can’t manage to purchase the Pro version, then don’t worry. Below we have posted some working Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro Free License Key 2023 and activation codes that you can use for free.

IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro License Key (Updated – June 7, 2023)

Use the below license code to get a subscription till December 3, 2023.

License Code: AB18D-50E20-91692-53BB8

The below license code offers a subscription till October 3, 2023.

License Code: ADB39-77A29-91511-E1EB8



IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro License Key for 1 Year

  • A7ZE7-1AH55-WN6LU-4R3TW
  • T6KXT-M8EFE-H727S-10BEG
  • TY7R4-Q7J1J-RNZO3-S0419
  • 326VQ-VGZP0-34ZG0-LA7ZE

IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro 3 PC’s License Key

  • 71AH5-5WN6L-U4R3T-WE640
  • TM8EF-EH727-S10BE-GAR2X
  • M9BP9-CMT7H-8YHXW-F2E58
  • 4Q7J1-JRNZO-3S041-9LV01

Smart Defrag 8 Pro Activation Code 2023

  • 9CMT7-H8YHX-WF2E5-8P8FB
  • 1JRNZ-O3S04-19LV0-18OL5
  • J0N7I-49MSK-63326-VQVGZ
  • P034Z-G0LA7-ZE71A-H55WN
  • 6LU4R-3TWE6-40DAQ-5MQOW
  • 27S10-BEGAR-2XM9B-P9CMT
  • 7H8YH-XWF2E-58P8F-BOM2H

How to activate Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro?

  1. Download the setup file of the Smart Defrag free version from here.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.
  4. During the installation process, use the Skip (No thanks) option to avoid installing other third-party apps.
  5. Once done, launch the software and click on the Enter Code option under the Activate Now button.
  6. A pop-up will appear and you have to enter a genuine license key there.
  7. Enter any IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 pro license key from this page.
  8. Click on the Activate Now button and enjoy the premium features.

So this is all regarding IObit Smart Defrag 8.4 Pro Free License Key. We have mentioned some 100% working license keys for this awesome software that you can use to enjoy the premium features for free.


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