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Roblox Mod Menu APK 2.531.422 Download For Android


Download Roblox Mod Menu APK Latest Version for Android

Are you a fan of a Minecraft? And you want to try a similar game? If so, you're going to get the big game name called Roblox, which is a cubic-style game. Well, many users are looking for the Mod version of it. So, we decided to bring Roblox Mod Menu APK for our Android users. Let's jump into the detailed instruction guide.

It's not a single game, but rather a collection of over 50 million games, all created by its gaming community. The secret trick behind the hit video game Roblox is threefold. Number one, Roblox games are addictive fun for all ages, and there are thousands of them. Number two, allows its millions of users to share their games and other creations similar to how people share content on YouTube. Finally, it has developed a robust social community within the platform that allows users to play games together, start chat groups, and more.

Download Roblox Mod Menu APK Latest Version for Android

Spend your free time with our well-optimized Roblox Mod Menu APK on your Android device for free. It has a bunch of features that no other mod provides on the entire internet so that you unleash your creativity without further barriers.

What is Roblox Mod Menu APK?

Roblox Mod Menu APK is a modified Android app that aims to provide exclusive features to users. The menu appears when you start the game, and you can choose the option available from the sticky menu. However, after selecting the option, it is directly reproduce the changes in the game while playing.

Anyone can make a game for Roblox by downloading their separate Studio software. It has more than 2 million creators worldwide. For many children, creating a simple game or virtual room where they can spend time with friends is the limit of their ambitions, but others build larger and more complex games, and even start making money through virtual currency.

It offers dark mode, frozen screen, explosive mode, night mode, super jump, multiple jumps, virtual tour walls, climb mode and many more. Read the full list in the features section.

App details

Name Roblox Mod Menu
Version 2.531.422
Developer PlatinMods
Size APK 114 MB
Category Games
Updated to June 18, 2022

Download Roblox Mod Menu APK Latest Version for Android

I've experienced thousands of games in ROBLOX, and you'll soon get the same experience. They are varied from all genres such as role-playing, racing, puzzle entertainment. Some are quite simple, just ask yourself to switch to the corresponding card when the system describes it, but others are designed in more detail. It even has a script for you to explore!

To install our Mod Menu APK, you need to uninstall the official version that was downloaded from the Playstore. Only in this case, our apps will be installed on an Android device.


Cross-platform support

Yes, it supports cross-platform which you can connect and play via PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Amazon Devices and Xbox One.

Super Jump

Roblox Mod Menu has this is crazy Mod option that will allow you to jump super high from the ground. Thus, you can cover the most land with just one jump and can also be able to cross the walls very high.

Chat with friends

It's the ultimate virtual world that lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of players and discover a variety of games that a global community has developed. You can discover new friends in a new world and can enjoy chatting with them too. This offers tons of social interaction between players and the sharing of ideas between them.

Super teleportation

A completely unique concept in comparison with the other which means that it allows the player to create the world. Thus, you can teleport to another world with this modification and simply enable the option in the Roblox Mod menu icon that is located in the left corner of the screen.

Attractive graphics

Roblox game has very attractive graphics that will stick users in the game for hours. No matter if you create products that use graphics to choose creativity or use external elements, just pay attention to the players that they have succeeded more than half. Thus, players can easily create the worlds from their imagination.

Explore millions of worlds

Players will have the chance to explore a world of entertainment as they love amazing games or just sit back and relax while cooling down with each other. Currently added millions of different worlds for players to explore. In each world, you will find yourself playing completely different games with different configurations. On top of that, in some worlds, you might just meet other players and chat, rather than spending time fighting.

Show your creativity

It's time to show off your talents and skills and be better than everyone else in the gameplay. It's time to show your imagination and refresh your creativity towards building worlds. Create designs that can differentiate you from another player. This is what makes you unique and sufficient than other players.

Roblox Mod Menu More Features

  • Walking through the walls
  • Ghost mode
  • Dark mode
  • Frozen screen
  • Exploded mode
  • Out of prison
  • Night mode
  • Multiple jumps
  • Fly
  • Snake mode
  • Ladder while climbing on an object
  • Wallhack


Roblox Mod Menu APK is the ultimate modification available on the internet right now and work perfectly in any android device. Just download and enjoy the features that you can't find in any other app.


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