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How to close the app on Apple TV

This article explains how to close an app on your Apple TV, force quit an app that’s performing poorly or not responding, and how to completely restart your Apple TV.

Close an app on your Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K has three generations with two different remote controls. Despite the differences, closing apps works the same way: you press the TV/Home button once. The TV/Home button looks like a large flat screen TV. If you see a grid of apps after pressing the button, you’ve successfully closed the app on your Apple TV.

Close an app on the third generation Apple TV

The Apple TV 3rd Gen had a different remote for the 4K, but it generally worked the same way. To close an app, just press the menu button once. If you see a grid of apps after pressing the button, you have successfully closed an app.

NB The third generation Apple TV does not have an App Store, so you can only use apps that came with it or were added through a software update.

How to force quit an app on Apple TV

You may need to force quit an application if it is not responding. Do this procedure from anywhere on your Apple TV, whether you’re in an app or on the Home screen:

1. Double-click the button TV / home Displays the app switcher.

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2. If you’re into the app, this will be your first. If not, swipe left until the app is available.

3. Swipe up and the app will move the screen up to indicate that it has been forced out of memory.

4. Click the button TV / home to return to the home screen.

Important : If you’re using the third-generation Apple TV remote control (left), you can’t force quit an app. If something is locked or frozen, press and hold the Menu key and the Down button (the bottom dot on the circular part of the remote) until the Apple TV restarts.

How to close an app using the Apple TV Remote app

to request Apple TV Remote It can perform all remote control functions. The program mimics the look of an actual remote control, so pressing Menu or TV/Home will close the app and return you to the home screen. Using the app to search or enter usernames/passwords is much easier as the software keyboard appears in the app.

NB : The Apple TV Remote app is only available on iOS 11 or later.

How to restart the Apple TV

If you tried to force quit an app but it didn’t quit or the app switcher didn’t appear, restart your Apple TV. go to Settings > System > to reboot Immediately restart the device.

be careful : do not press Re-Set, Used to erase data and reset the Apple TV to factory default settings.

Alternatively, if your Apple TV is frozen and not responding to any input, unplug the power cable from the back, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also check out this guide if you want to know how to connect your Apple TV to Wi-Fi without a remote control.

questions and answers

How do I know which Apple TV I have?

Apple designs are quite a few so you need to identify exactly which model you own. Which is exactly why Apple had to create an on page How to identify your Apple TV model.

How do I find my Apple TV remote?

Although not all Apple TV remotes were basically identical to each other like Apple TV remotes, they were so similar that you could easily tell them from each other. For example, one modification to the Apple TV remote was to add a small raised white ring around one of the buttons. As with Apple TV models, Apple has created an at How to identify the Apple TV remote.

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