How to create a restore point on Windows 11?

How to create a restore point on Windows 11

A restore point is an essential feature of Windows 11 that allows you to save the current state of your operating system. It can be very useful in case of problems or unwanted changes, as it allows you to restore your computer to its previous working state. In this article, we will tell you how to create a restore point on Windows 11.

Quick answer
To create a restore point on Windows 11, go to Settings system protectionselect the desired drive and click initialization. immediately afterwards, Activate the system protection option. Once done, select the drive to protect in the partition system protection and click Creates.

Create a system restore point on Windows 11

In this article, we are going to share a detailed guide on how to create a restore point in Windows 11. The process will be very easy; Follow some of the simple steps shared below.

Click the button to start. seek Create a restore point And click on the first result to open the app.

Find Create a restore point

In the Protection Settings section, select the system drive (usually C 🙂 and click the button initialization.

Protection settings

In the next window, check the box “enable system protection” to enable System Restore.

You can also adjust the amount of disk space allocated to restore points using the slider. Once the settings are configured, tap ” Yes “.

Activate system protection

Now your system is set to create restore points automatically. However, you can also create a restore point manually by following these additional steps:

Return to the “System Protection” window. Click the button ” Creates “ to instantly create a restore point.

Create a restore point manually

Give the restore point a meaningful name so that you can identify it later.

Click on ” Creates “ to start the restore point creation process.

Create a restore point

The restore point creation process may take a few moments. Once done, you can use this restore point to roll your system back to a previous state if needed.

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By following the steps above, you can easily create a restore point that will allow you to return to a previous working state if something goes wrong. It is recommended to create restore points regularly, especially before making major changes to your computer.

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