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How to install Viber on Android – combofre

If you’re reading this, then you have an Android device and you want to make free calls or participate in group messages. While you have many VoIP apps to make free calls on Android, Viber is one of those niche apps: it doesn’t require a username and password because it uses your mobile phone number and fits in your contact list. Huge user base.

Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to get Viber to work on your device and get the most out of it.

what you order

The first thing on your Viber checklist is a compatible and supported smartphone. If you have an Android device, chances are you’re covered, as Android devices dominate the list of supported models. This is because Android is a more open operating system when it comes to hardware integration and software development. Check if your device is supported here.

You can use the same instructions to install and set up Viber on your iPhone and iPad, as the procedures are more or less the same. Check the iPhone system requirements there. Note that iPad is only partially supported.

The second thing you need is an internet connection. Viber only works with Wi-Fi and 3G. While you can get Wi-Fi hotspots in many places for free, including your home and office, you’ll need a 3G data plan for calls on the go.

This often costs money because you will be paying for every megabyte of data you use for your calls and messages. Viber support says the app uses 240KB of data per minute of use, from top to bottom. That’s 14 megabytes per hour of connection. So, to put it simply, using Viber is not completely free if you intend to have it always with you wherever you are, but it can be completely free if you only use it in hotspots.

The third thing you need is a list of friends to talk to. You cannot make Viber calls or send Viber messages to people who are not using Viber. Sure, there are nearly a hundred million people using Viber, but you don’t need to talk to them, right? So if you switch to Viber, others should too.

Download and install

On your Android device, open Google Play and go to This page.

Just click on the link if you are reading this page on your Android device. If not, it will be easier for you to search for “Viber” in the Google Play app. Then click install and let the download and install mechanism work just like any app.

After installation, a welcome screen appears with the features of the application, tap Continue. Then it asks you to enter your mobile phone number. It automatically detects your location and area code. If you see that it is incorrect, you can select the correct option using the dropdown menu.

A popup asks for permission to allow Viber to access your contact list. You can choose not to give it, but then you give up a nice feature of the app. I allowed it and haven’t found any error so far.

The next step asks you for an activation code, which by this time should already have come to you via a text message from Viber.

Enter the four-digit code, and you’re done. This access token is used to verify that you are the real owner of the phone number you entered.

Get the most out of Viber

You will save a lot of money if you use Viber in the following scenario: You have a number of contacts that you can often (family, friends, colleagues) who use smartphones. Ask them to install Viber, and calls with them will be free, especially if you make them using Wi-Fi hotspots. The service can reduce the burden on the home phone service. You can also organize group messages between the two of you, turning the app into a collaboration tool.

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