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How to prevent your phone from overheating

It’s 2022 and smartphones are better than ever. We have powerful smartphones with great features and great power, which allow us to call our loved ones, surf the internet and do many other things. Over the past few years, phones have improved a lot, but overheating is a problem that is still one of the major problems for some smartphones. If your phone is also overheating, we can help. In this guide, you will learn why your phone is overheating and how to prevent the phone from overheating. Let’s Begin.

Why does your phone get hot?

Before getting to our topic, it is important that we discuss the causes of your phone overheating. When it comes to overheating, there can be many factors that promote it, but these are some of the main factors that cause overheating.

  • Incomplete design: Incomplete design is one of the main causes of overheating. Major smartphone companies usually spend tons of money on research and development of their phones to make sure that their phones do not overheat too much. However, small smartphone companies don’t do this, which usually results in a flawed design. In short, if you don’t want your phone to overheat so much, make sure you get the phone from reputable companies like Apple, Samsung, and others.
  • Defective applications: Similarly, if you install an unoptimized app, it will drain your battery and as a result, your phone will overheat.
  • excessive: If you use your phone for a long time and keep charging it while in use, this can also cause it to overheat.
  • overload: If you charge your phone to 100% and leave it charging overnight, it can also lower the battery health and as a result, you may experience overheating.

How to prevent your phone from overheating

In the previous section, we explained why smartphones overheat. Now we are going to share some effective tips that you can use to prevent your phone from overheating.

Make sure you use your phone at the optimal temperature

Smartphones are designed to be used at optimal temperatures, and if you live in an area that is either too cold or too hot, your phone is likely to overheat. Many smartphones tend to overheat, especially when used in high temperature areas. So, if you live in a hot area, make sure you use your phone in an air-conditioned room. Otherwise, make sure not to use your phone for extended periods of time to avoid overheating.

Don’t use too many apps or heavy apps at the same time

Smartphones have improved a lot over the years and their processors are also very powerful. However, it is also true that applications are becoming heavier at the same time and require a lot of resources. So, if you are using many apps or heavy apps at the same time, it will consume more power and thus your phone will get hot. For example, if you run heavy apps like PUBG, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. at the same time, it will consume more power and eventually your phone will overheat. So if you don’t want this to happen, just run a few apps at the same time to get better performance and avoid overheating.

Also, if you have an older smartphone, you are likely to experience overheating more often. So if this happens with your phone, you can use the lite versions of the apps that will help you a lot in fixing the overheating issues.

Change your phone case

Most smartphones these days have a glass back that gives them a premium look, but also makes them more vulnerable to breaking if dropped. Therefore, many people prefer to use a good case to protect their smartphone. However, if you don’t use a good case, it may trap heat, which dissipates across the back of the phone, and your phone can overheat.

So, if your phone overheats, you can change your phone case and try another. For example, if you are using a plastic case, you can switch to a leather case to check if it is a priest. If the problem persists, you can use custom phone cases, which are designed to prevent your phone from overheating.

Don’t overdo it

Overcharging is a slow killer of your phone battery and if you overcharge your phone regularly it will reduce the health of the battery and eventually you will start having overcharging issues because the battery will release power quickly. So we recommend that you do not overcharge your phone and charge the battery to 90% just to avoid overcharging.

How do I cool down my phone?

If your phone is overheating and you want to cool it down, you can use the following methods.

  • Turn off your device: One of the quickest ways to cool down a heated smartphone is to turn it off. Leave it for a few minutes, and it will return to room temperature.
  • Close all apps: You can also cool down your smartphone by closing all apps running in the background.

Can overheating damage your phone?

Yes, your smartphone can be damaged by overheating, but it doesn’t happen quickly. This only happens if you have exposed your phone to extreme temperatures. If the phone heats up to a normal temperature, then in most cases it will not suffer any damage, but we still recommend that you take steps to prevent overheating.


Overheating is definitely a big problem in smartphones, but you can use the above tips to avoid overheating. We hope this guide was useful to you, and if you would like us to cover a topic of your choice, please let us know in the comments. Also check out this guide on how to protect your Android smartphone from hacking.

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