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How to put a voice note in the status of WhatsApp

How to put a voice note in the status of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that allows users to share messages, photos, videos, audios, and even statuses. In this article, we will tell you how to put a voice note in WhatsApp status.

It is important to note that WhatsApp statuses are available for a limited time and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. You can also choose to manually delete your status before the end of this period.

Voice note on WhatsApp status

We are discussing whatsapp status because recently the app got an update and now it allows you to share voice notes about your whatsapp status. Yes, you read that correctly; With text, image, video or URLs, now you can Post voice notes as whatsapp status.

WhatsApp Status Voice Notes is now available to all users globally. However, to share voice notes as a WhatsApp status, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the WhatsApp app for Android or iPhone.

How to put the sound in the case of WhatsApp

So, if you want to post voice notes on WhatsApp Status, keep reading the article. Below we have shared the steps for Put a voice note in the WhatsApp status for Android and iPhone devices. Let’s check.


Android user has to update their WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store. Once updated, follow the steps shared below.

1. First, open the WhatsApp app on Android and go to the tab condition.

Status tab

2. Tap on the icon pencil in the lower right corner of the report.

Click on the pencil icon

3. You will see a new microphone icon on the right side. Click on the microphone icon To record your voice note.

Record your voice note

4. You can swipe left to undo or try again while recording.

5. To stop recording, let go of the microphone icon. The recorded voice note will appear on the status screen. You can listen to the audio recording by pressing the button reading.

6. If you are not satisfied with the registration, click on the icon there Basket.

Click on the trash can icon

7. Next, click on the icon from the color palette in the upper right to change the background color.

Put a voice note in the status of WhatsApp

8. PressSubmit the code to post your status.

Put a voice note in the status on WhatsApp

Your voice note will now be available as a WhatsApp status for all the contacts you selected. They will be able to read and listen to it by clicking on your status.


The ability to share Status voice notes is available even on WhatsApp for iPhone. iPhone users need to follow these steps to put a voice note in WhatsApp status.

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the tab condition in the lower left corner.

2. On the Status screen, tap the icon pencil on my case.

3. Next, tap and hold onmicrophone icon On the Type a status screen.

4. Now save the audio recording that you want to post on your WhatsApp status and click on the button Sends.

This is it! The voice note will be sent to your WhatsApp account.

How to delete Whatsapp audio status?

You can delete your audio status just like you delete text, images or URLs. If you don’t know how to delete WhatsApp status, follow these steps.

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the tab condition.

Status tab

2. Right next to My Status, tap Three points.

Delete Whatsapp voice status

3. From the options that appear, select wipe up.

How to delete Whatsapp Voice Status

4. On the confirmation prompt, click on the option again wipe up.

This is it! It is easy to delete WhatsApp audio status on Android or iPhone.

questions and answers

Are voice notes different from voice messages?

Voicemails are the messages you send in chats. On the other hand, voice notes are shared on WhatsApp Status. So all your contacts can see the voice notes you share about your status if you don’t change status privacy.

My voice notes have no sound?

If there is no sound in your voice notes, you need to check if your phone’s microphone is working. If it works, you can force quit WhatsApp and share the voice note again.

Why can’t I record audio on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp fails to record audio when it is not allowed to use the microphone. So if you can’t record audio on WhatsApp, you need to make sure that “Access to microphone” is enabled for WhatsApp.

Can you schedule audio notes to send later?

Currently, there is no option to record and schedule voice messages on WhatsApp. However, many third-party apps or WhatsApp mods give you this feature. However, we recommend that you avoid these apps for security and privacy reasons.

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Put a voice note in the status on WhatsApp

In conclusion, setting up a voice note in WhatsApp status is simple and quick. Simply tap the microphone icon, record your message, listen to it, add a comment if you like, and post it. With this feature, you can communicate with your friends more efficiently and naturally.

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