How to record a phone call on iPhone

How to record a phone call on iPhone

Recording phone calls on iPhone is a very useful feature for various reasons. Whether it is to keep track of important conversations, for work reasons, or just for personal memories, knowing how to record a call can be very useful. In this guide, we will explore different ways to record a phone call on your iPhone.

Record a phone call on your iPhone

On iPhones, there is no built-in feature to record phone calls. However, there are several ways to record calls on iPhone using third-party apps. Here are some steps to follow to record phone calls on iPhone:

Record calls with the Rev Call Recorder app

Rev Call Recorder is a very popular call recording app for iPhone available on the Apple App Store. You can use this to record your important calls on iPhone.

However, since it is a third party app, the app becomes a third party member of your call and initiates a third party call. Thus, the call will be shared between three people – you, the other party and the Rev service to record the call.

If you agree, follow these steps to usecall recorder app review To record a phone call on your iPhone.

Rev Call Recorder

  • Download and install the app Rev Call Recorder on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and enter your phone number and check-the.
  • Once verified, press the button Phone call.
  • Then type the number you want to call and press Start the call.
  • This will start recording the call. When the call ends, the recording will be displayed on the main screen.

This is it! Here’s how to use Rev Call Recorder to record phone calls on your iPhone.

Record calls on iPhone using Voice Memos

Voice Memos is another best option for recording voice calls on iPhone. However, this method will only work if you have a second iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Voice Memos is an app that turns your iPhone into a portable voice recorder. So, you can install Voice Memos on your second iOS device to record the phone call on your first device.

voice memos

  • Download and install a fileVoice memos app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
  • Once installed, open the Voice Memos app and bring it close to your first iOS device.
  • Now press Red record button on the voice recorder to start recording.
  • Now make a phone call from your first device, and when the phone answers, tap the voice memos speaker icon to hear and record the call.
  • Make sure the two devices are as close together as possible.
  • When you’re done recording, tap the red Record button in the Voice Memos app again.

This is it! This will close the recording. You can now access the Voice Memos app and share the recording with yourself via Google Drive, email, or AirDrop.

Record a phone call on iPhone with TrueCaller

TrueCaller is an excellent caller ID app available for Android and iPhone devices. The latest version of the app has a call recording feature that can record incoming and outgoing calls.

However, since it is a third party app, it works by creating a conference call and calling its own recording line. Here’s how to record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone with TrueCaller.


  • Download and install truecaller on your iPhone.
  • Answer the incoming call, open the TrueCaller app and go to the call tab Search.
  • Then press the button Record a call And call the registration line.
  • On the call screen, you will find the option to merge calls. Click on merge call to combine these two calls.
  • When the call ends, you will receive an instant notification that the recording is ready.
  • Similarly, you can also record iPhone outgoing calls.

This is it! TrueCaller is an excellent call recording app for iPhone. TrueCaller will store the recording on your iPhone’s internal memory. This will also save the recording to your iCloud.

How to record calls on the iPhone without any application?

If you want to record calls on iPhone without any app, use a secondary device. The additional device can be an Android, iPhone, or portable voice recorder.

  • First, start a call on your iPhone.
  • Once you answer the call, turn it on loudspeaker mode.
  • Now activateCall Recording on your secondary device (Android).
  • Once the call ends, you can stop recording on your second device.

This is it! The goal is to put the iPhone into speaker mode to amplify the sound and then record it with another device. The advantage of this method is that there will be no call recording advertisement.

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Recording phone calls on iPhone can be an easy way to capture important information or preserve precious memories.

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