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How to restrict comments on Instagram

This article explains how to use the Limits feature on Instagram. This allows you to limit the comments and messages you receive from accounts that don’t follow you back or aren’t new followers. You can also choose to be reminded of your limits in case you want to change or turn them off.

Instagram limits feature

Since Instagram understands the need to address abuse on social media platforms, it has done so Offers border feature.

Although you currently have the ability to block specific Instagram users, the Limits feature allows you to manage comments and posts by group rather than individually.

With Limits, you can continue to receive comments and messages from your long-term followers and build those relationships, but limit communications from potential spammers and/or new followers.

The feature hides comments and limited posts unless you approve them (see below).

Set limits on Instagram

As mentioned, the borders feature is available in the Instagram mobile app. As of this writing, it is not available on Instagram. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device to get started.

1. Access the tab profile account and press the icon Top right menu.

2. Choose Settings And he chose Privacy.

3. Select border which appears in the form helpless.

Set boundaries

4. The first time you configure the limits, you will see a message telling you the intent of the feature. Click on Complete.

5. You can then use the toggles to limit non-followers and/or new followers.

Unfollowing accounts can be spam or fake accounts, while new followers are those who started following you last week.

6. Then select limit for in the lower section. This reminder alerts you after your chosen time limit if you wish to disable or change the limits.

7. You can choose between one and seven days or between one and four weeks. He chooses Set a reminder.

Select Set reminder

8. Finally, tap on maybe down to activate the border function.

9. You will see a brief message indicating that you have enabled limits. Click on Arrow Top left to exit, you’ll see active next to border in privacy settings.

Limit comments on Instagram

Show limited comments

You can see the Comments from those you have are limitedthen approve the comment, delete it, or block the user.

1. Select Show all comments To publish, then View limited comments top right.

2. On Android, long press on a comment. On iPhone, tap administration and select a comment.

3. You can then choose He dependsAnd wipe up or to block Follow the prompts below to confirm the action.

View restricted messages

Like the comments you have restricted, you can also watch Messages you have restricted.

1. Tap on an icon message in the top right of your feed.

2. Select Requests then hidden requests top right.

3. Long press on the message, then select to blockAnd wipe up or accepts Follow the instructions below. You can also remove all hidden orders by selecting Delete all at the bottom of the screen.

By setting limits, you can keep offensive comments and inappropriate posts at bay and start enjoying your Instagram experience again.

In this guide, you have learned how to restrict comments on Instagram. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also consult this guide if you want to know how Hide the number of likes on Instagram.

questions and answers

Why does Instagram limit the number of times I can do certain things?

Instagram imposes daily limits on the number of times an account can post or perform other activities to protect the platform from online bots. If you see the message “We’re limiting the number of times you can do certain things on Instagram,” consider this a warning that you could be banned for excessive posting.

What is the age limit on Instagram?

Technically, Instagram requires users to be at least 13 years old, but there is no age verification process. If you have a young child, take steps to set up parental controls online.

How do I limit how many people see my Instagram posts?

Make your Instagram private to limit who can see your profile, posts, and stories. Click on for you profile account > the list > Settings > Privacy > private account.

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