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How to find contacts on Instagram

This article explains how to find contacts on Instagram using the Discover People feature. The information applies to the Instagram app for iOS and Android as well as the Instagram website.

How do you find contacts on Instagram?

Here’s how to sync your phone contacts to the Instagram app so you can find and follow people you know:

1. Tap on an icon profile account.

2. Under Find out peoplescroll right through the list of recommended contacts and touch He follows Under Profile, or select everyone an offer.

3. Tap, if prompted allow pass To allow the Instagram app to access your device’s contacts.

Find contacts on Instagram

4. Press on follow Under contact or press communicate next to Connect to Facebook if you want to find your Facebook friends on Instagram.

5. After following a contact, it will appear tracking under the person’s name. He says Requested If you wait for their approval.

Find your Facebook friends on Instagram

If you want to stop syncing your contacts with Instagram, change the app permissions on Android to prevent Instagram from accessing your contacts.

How to search for people on Instagram

If you haven’t saved someone’s info on your phone, it’s also possible to search for profiles in the Instagram app:

1. Press magnifying glass > search bar.

2. Enter a name and choose from the options that appear or select View all results.

Find people on Instagram

In addition to users, you can search Instagram tags and search Instagram filters.

How to manage contacts on Instagram

While you can’t use the Discover People feature on the Instagram website, you can still search for people and see recommended profiles to follow. On the home page, select File search bar or choose everyone appear under suggestions for you.

Manage contacts on the Instagram website

You can also manage and delete synced contacts on the Instagram website. Select a fileYour profile icon > Settings > Contact management.

Contact management

Use the Close Friends feature on Instagram to quickly share your stories with the people you interact with the most.

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How do you disconnect contacts from Instagram?

In the application, select a file personal picture > more (three lines)> Settings > account > Contacts synchronization And turn off the key. You can also remove app permissions from your phone settings.

How do I prevent my contacts from finding me on Instagram?

If you’re in someone’s contacts, you can’t stop them from finding you if they’ve synced their information to Instagram. However, you can control who sees your feed by making it private.

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