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6 Cool Things ChatGPT 4o Can Do That OpenAI Didn’t Highlight

OpenAI lately launched its subsequent flagship mannequin GPT-4o and demonstrated some cool demos. The human-like voice chat has turn out to be the headline function, however there may be extra to it. OpenAI didn’t spotlight many cool issues that ChatGPT 4o is able to. These particulars can be found on OpenAI’s web page and I went via all of them. On that notice, let’s discover out the cool new capabilities of ChatGPT 4o.

1. Correct Textual content Technology in Pictures

We all know that Diffusion fashions battle with producing texts on photos. Dall -E 3 nonetheless fails to generate photos with the given textual content. Nonetheless, the ChatGPT 4o mannequin which is an end-to-end multimodal mannequin, can render texts precisely. OpenAI didn’t point out this within the presentation. Nonetheless, yow will discover the instance on OpenAI’s page the place the corporate explores its capabilities.

Picture Courtesy: OpenAI

It may generate and add textual content to pictures effortlessly. The consistency in lots of samples is exceptional. You can even connect photos and ask it to generate photos from totally different angles of the identical character, and it maintains consistency throughout all eventualities. It may additionally generate a 3D view of objects which you’ll be able to mix to create a 3D render. To not point out, it could actually generate fonts too.

  • gpt-4o image generation consistency
  • gpt-4o image generation consistency 2
  • gpt-4o image generation consistency 3

Take into account that these capabilities aren’t accessible on ChatGPT but. It nonetheless makes use of Dall -E 3 to generate photos. OpenAI might unlock these options within the close to future.

2. GPT-4o Can Course of Movies Too

chatgpt 4o video processing
Picture Processing: OpenAI

OpenAI didn’t point out that GPT-4o can deal with movies too. Properly, on the mannequin web page, OpenAI has demonstrated which you could add a video and ask GPT-4o to summarize it. From transcription to bullet-point abstract, it does every little thing. So it appears Gemini 1.5 Pro is not the only model that can process videos.

3. GPT-4o Can Be Your Tutor

In a presentation with Khan Academy’s Sal Khan, OpenAI showcased a fascinating demo using the GPT-4o model. Basically, on an iPad, you can share your screen with ChatGPT 4o, and it can see everything on your screen.

Now you can ask it to elucidate and show you how to discover options to an issue. Be it arithmetic, sciences, charts, maps, or the rest, ChatGPT 4o might be your private trainer guiding you all through your research session. That’s such a fantastic software of AI, powered by GPT-4o’s multimodal imaginative and prescient functionality. By the way in which, it additionally works with the ChatGPT desktop app for macOS.

4. ChatGPT 4o Can Be Your Assembly Companion

In one of many demos, OpenAI showcased which you could have ChatGPT 4o as your dwell companion throughout conferences. You may share the display with ChatGPT 4o, and it could actually see and listen to all of the contributors. It may additionally give inputs and contributors also can ask inquiries to the GPT-4o mannequin. It replies spontaneously and stays engaged within the dialog. On the finish, you possibly can ask it to summarize the assembly as effectively. How cool is that?

5. Improved Non-English Language Efficiency

OpenAI has not simply improved the efficiency of GPT-4o within the English language but additionally improved efficiency in regional languages. It has considerably improved the tokenizer that enables the mannequin to compress non-English languages to suit extra tokens.

gpt-4o language tokenization improvement
Picture Courtesy: OpenAI

To offer some examples, Gujarati language takes up 4.4x fewer tokens, Hindi 2.9x fewer tokens, Telugu 3.5x fewer tokens, Urdu 2.5x fewer tokens, Russian 1.7x fewer tokens, and extra. Principally, for regional languages, ChatGPT 4o has turn out to be much more highly effective.

6. ChatGPT 4o Beats All Different AI Fashions

OpenAI didn’t talk about the benchmark numbers and centered on delivering new experiences. Nonetheless, ChatGPT 4o’s benchmark numbers overshadow all different AI fashions from Google, Anthropic, Meta, and so forth. In actual fact, it performs higher than its personal GPT-4 Turbo mannequin which was launched a number of months again.

chatgpt 4o benchmark performance
Picture Courtesy: OpenAI

From MMLU to HumanEval, GPQA, and DROP, ChatGPT 4o outranks each proprietary and open-source fashions. Within the LMSYS arena too, the mysterious im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot mannequin (which is definitely the ChatGPT 4o mannequin) acquired an total ELO rating of 1310, a lot greater than different AI fashions.

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