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Google’s AI is Losing It! Asks Users to Eat Rocks, Add Glue to Pizza & More

Because the AI conflict heats up, Google finds itself in a shaky place, taking part in catch-up with OpenAI on nearly all fronts. Google is integrating AI into absolutely anything with a view to outshine the competitors and reclaim its dominance. The most recent sufferer of Google’s overreaching AI technique is Search, its most dear and trusted product.

On the Google I/O 2024, the search big introduced that AI Overview (earlier referred to as SGE — Search Generative Expertise) is rolling out to all customers within the US. Simply after a day, customers began complaining about AI-generated solutions in Google Search.

The Google Search Community is full of queries on the lookout for methods to take away AI Overview. To make issues simpler for customers, we wrote an in depth tutorial on the best way to flip off Google AI Overview. Google is dealing with quite a lot of backlash for AI Overview, nevertheless it continues to roll out the function and now we have not heard something from the search big but.

Google’s AI Overview Spouting False Info

We now have collated a few of the replies by Google’s AI Overview that are extremely deceptive, inaccurate, and harmful, to say the least. When the consumer searched “cheese not sticking to pizza”, Google’s AI Overview prompt including “non-toxic glue” to the sauce. Apparently, Google sourced the data from an 11-year-old touch upon Reddit.

In one other instance, when a consumer requested Google the best way to move kidney stones, AI Overview replied that the consumer ought to “drink a minimum of 2 quarts (2 liters) of urine each 24 hours...” Make of that what you’ll.

Subsequent, what might be termed outrightly harmful, a consumer searched “i’m feeling depressed” and Google’s AI Overview factors to a suggestion by a Reddit consumer that claims “leaping off the Golden Gate Bridge”.

It goes on to point out you could’t exchange a search engine with LLMs. LLMs hallucinate and don’t perceive the which means of phrases. If Google continues to tread this path, it might probably have disastrous implications, considerably eroding consumer belief within the firm.

In one other instance, the consumer asks “What number of rocks shall i eat”, and AI Overview replies “a minimum of one small rock per day”. Google’s AI Overview picks the reply from The Onion. Sure, you learn that proper. Unbelievable!

In one other fact-related question, when the consumer asks “What number of muslim presidents has the US had?”, AI Overview says “America has had one Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama.” which is wrong. Obama is a protestant Christian.

What’s Mistaken with Google’s AI Overview?

Lastly, we come to a significant issue with LLMs changing a search engine. Individuals can publish absolutely anything on the net, and AI Overview can be pleased to cite the data with out checking the veracity of statements. This could result in information poisoning on the net the place false data might seem reliable. A variety of conspiracy theories are already discovering their strategy to AI Overviews.

The basic downside with Google’s AI Overview lies within the shift of duty from that of a search engine to a writer.

The basic downside with Google’s AI Overview lies within the shift of duty from that of a search engine to a writer. Google gives a search engine the place it retrieves related net pages and different content material primarily based on the consumer question. With AI Overview, Google is assuming the brand new position of a writer so the legal responsibility of spouting false data falls squarely on Google now.

Publishers bear the duty for what they write and publish. To make sure reliability and accuracy, publishers train due diligence earlier than publishing a narrative. With this inverted relationship, Google’s AI Overview is navigating uncharted waters. Google mustn’t overlook its position as a trusted search engine supplier within the pursuit of AI supremacy.

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