The right way to discover laptop computer serial quantity

This text explains discover the serial variety of your Home windows 10 or 11 laptop computer and why you would possibly have to.

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  • Write wmic bios get serialnumber on the command immediate.
  • As an alternative, look on the underside of your laptop computer for a sticker.
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What’s the laptop computer serial quantity?

A laptop computer serial quantity is a novel string of numbers and letters assigned to your laptop computer. No two laptops have the identical serial quantity.

Discover the serial quantity utilizing the instructions

One of many easiest methods to seek out your serial quantity is by typing a number of instructions. In a matter of moments, you may view and duplicate your serial quantity into a unique doc. Right here is the place to look.

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  1. In your laptop computer, sort cmd within the search bar.
  2. in command immediate Write wmic bios get serialnumber.
  3. Click on entrance.
  4. Your serial quantity will now seem after the immediate.

Bodily search for the serial quantity

In case your laptop computer will not activate or you do not really feel comfy coming into instructions, flip your laptop computer over and search for S / N or Serial Quantity adopted by a collection of letters and numbers on the label. You might also discover it within the field your laptop computer got here in.

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Different locations to go looking

If you happen to registered your laptop computer with the producer, your serial quantity have to be included in your registration paperwork, guarantee service receipt, or electronic mail affirmation. You might also discover it in your buy receipt.


Why you would possibly want your laptop computer serial quantity

As talked about earlier, the laptop computer serial quantity is helpful for guarantee claims and insurance coverage points. It additionally helps tech help establish when your laptop computer was manufactured and clarify the precise {hardware} it runs on.


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  • You will need to show the authenticity of your laptop computer to the customer.
  • The producer’s technical or buyer help individual ought to establish its mannequin, specs, and/or guarantee particulars.
  • The laptop computer was stolen and I filed an insurance coverage declare.
  • The technician should decide which components are appropriate for upgrades or repairs.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Q1: How do I discover the serial variety of my HP laptop computer?
Reply: First, verify the underside or again edges of your laptop computer. Subsequent, if in case you have a laptop computer with a detachable battery, look contained in the battery compartment. Lastly, for a removable laptop computer, take away the pill from the dock to disclose the serial quantity.

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Q2: How do I discover my Dell laptop computer serial quantity?
Reply: Though you should use Home windows instructions to seek out the serial quantity, you can even discover it on the service tag of a Dell laptop computer. The service tag is positioned on the underside panel.

Q3: How can I discover the serial variety of my Toshiba laptop computer?
Reply: The serial quantity might be discovered as a printed sticker or laser engraved on the underside cowl of a Toshiba laptop computer.

This fall: How do I discover the serial quantity on my Lenovo laptop computer?
Reply: On a Lenovo laptop computer, the serial quantity is positioned on the underside of the system. Alternatively, you may go to Lenovo Support website dedication Detect Product , and set up Lenovo Service Bridge. After set up, Lenovo Service Bridge will open a product web page containing your laptop computer’s data, together with the serial quantity.

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