Prime 6 Fixes for Microsoft Retailer Not Exhibiting Bought Apps on Home windows

Microsoft Retailer offers a safe platform for downloading and managing apps in your Home windows PC. It additionally shows an inventory of apps and video games that you just received utilizing your Microsoft account, permitting you to replace or reinstall them when vital. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll not have the ability to do that if the Microsoft Retailer has stopped displaying any of the apps and video games you bought within the first place.

Fixing the issue might be so simple as logging in with the right account, or it might require reinstalling the Microsoft Retailer. If you do not know what’s inflicting the issue, take a look at the next fixes to unravel the underlying drawback

1. Confirm the account within the Microsoft Retailer

First, it’s essential to confirm that you’re utilizing the identical Microsoft account that you just used to buy apps and video games. To do that, open the Microsoft Retailer app and faucet the profile icon on the high to view account particulars.

When you’ve got bought apps with a special account, faucet the Signal out choice and register once more with that account.

2. Kind and filter apps within the Library part

Another excuse why chances are you’ll not have the ability to see bought apps and video games within the Library part is that you’ve configured Microsoft Retailer to solely present put in merchandise. This is the way to change that.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Retailer and click on tab the library within the decrease left nook.

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Step 2: Click on the dropdown menu “Kind and filter” and deselect the choice Present solely put in merchandise.

After that, you will notice all of your purchases beneath the Apps and Video games tabs. From there, you possibly can reinstall your apps as vital.

3. Run the WINDOWS STORE Troubleshooting Apps

The Home windows Retailer Apps Troubleshooter is a great tool that may routinely discover and repair issues with UWP (Common Home windows Platform) purposes, together with the Microsoft Retailer. You’ll be able to strive operating the troubleshooter to see if that makes the Microsoft Retailer present your bought apps and video games on Home windows.

Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + I to open an app Settings. in tab the system Click on discover the errors and resolve it.

Step 2: Click on Different troubleshooters.

On to step 3: Click on the buttonemployment” subsequent to Home windows Retailer apps to start out a course of discover the errors and resolve it.

Permit the troubleshooter to repair any points after which verify if the issue continues to be there.

4. Reset the Microsoft Retailer cache

Like most purposes, the Microsoft Retailer collects short-term information in your pc to enhance efficiency. The issue happens as soon as this information turns into outdated, which interferes with the performance of the app. When this occurs, the Microsoft Retailer might fail to open or load in your pc.

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You’ll be able to reset the Microsoft Retailer cache to see if that brings it again to regular.

Step 1: Proper-click on an icon by no means and choose employment from the listing.

Step 2: Write wsreset.exe Within the discipline Open and press Enter.

After clearing the cache, the Microsoft Retailer will open routinely in your pc. Subsequent, verify if it exhibits your in-app purchases.

5. Clear the LOCALCACHE folder

If resetting the Microsoft Retailer cache proves ineffective, you possibly can Clear cache information native manually. Several users reported on the Microsoft forums About fixing the issue this manner. You may as well strive it.

Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + R to open the dialog field Run.

Step 2: Paste the next path into the sector Open and press Enter.


On to step 3: in a window File Explorer that open, choose All information and folders inside a folder LocalCache and click on icon Trash on the high to delete it.

Reopen the Microsoft Retailer and verify if it exhibits your bought apps and video games.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Retailer

If all else fails, contemplate uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Retailer as a final resort. This may pressure Home windows to take away all information associated to the app and carry out a contemporary set up, resolving any underlying points.

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Step 1: Click on Search code On the taskbar, sort PowerShell and choose Run as administrator.

Step 2: Find Sure When the Consumer Account Management (UAC) immediate seems.

On to step 3: Kind the next command within the console and hit Enter to uninstall Microsoft Retailer.

Get-AppxPackage -allusers WindowsStore | Take away-AppxPackage

Restart your pc after executing the above command. Subsequent, open PowerShell with administrative privileges once more and run the next command:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers Microsoft.WindowsStore* | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

Then, the Microsoft Retailer ought to show the apps and video games you have bought on Home windows.

Uncover your suite of apps

Regardless of years of updates and enhancements, the Microsoft Retailer nonetheless has annoying points. We hope one among our fixes helped, and Microsoft Retailer exhibits all of your bought apps and video games as earlier than. As at all times, tell us which answer did the trick within the feedback beneath.

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