Prime 6 methods to repair USB drive not exhibiting information and folders on Home windows 11

Home windows 11 does a wonderful job of detecting every kind of USB storage gadgets and offering entry to their contents. Generally, once you join a USB drive to your pc, Home windows might fail to point out some or your whole information and folders.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-large-billboard-2-0-asloaded{max-width:300px!necessary;max-height:250px!necessary}}

It’s regular to really feel clueless when necessary information and folders instantly disappear out of your flash drive. As a substitute of formatting the USB drive instantly or utilizing any file restoration instruments, contemplate making use of the next tricks to repair the issue.


1. Plug the drive into a distinct USB port

That is a simple method to verify if there’s a drawback with the USB port you’re utilizing. Ejecting and reconnecting the USB drive may even care for any minor glitch that may have been stopping Home windows from displaying the information and folders on the drive.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-large-leaderboard-1-0-asloaded{max-width:300px!necessary;max-height:250px!necessary}}


One other factor you are able to do is join your USB drive to a distinct pc. It’ll verify if there’s a drawback with the USB drive itself.

2. Configure File Explorer to show hidden objects

If a few of your information and folders are lacking from the USB drive, however the cupboard space continues to be getting used, they’re in all probability hidden. To detect them, you will must configure File Explorer to point out hidden objects on Home windows. Heres methods to do it.

Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + E To open File Explorer And go to your drive.

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Step 2: Click on on the menu “a suggestion” On the prime, go to “present” and specify Hidden objects choice.

3. Discover the misplaced file or folder

Manually finding a particular file or folder on a USB drive might be tough if the USB drive accommodates loads of information and folders. If so, then File Explorer might not be capable of present all of those information and folders. You possibly can attempt utilizing the search bar in File Explorer to find the lacking file or folder and see if it really works.

Press Home windows + E keyboard shortcut to open File Explorer and navigate to your drive. Sort the title of the lacking file or folder within the search bar and see if it seems.


4. Run the Examine Disk device

CHKDSK (brief for Examine Disk) is a useful gizmo on Home windows that may routinely detect and repair issues together with your storage drives. You possibly can run this device to unravel any issues together with your drive and recuperate your misplaced information and folders.

Though there are a number of methods to run the CHKDSK utility on Home windows, the simplest one is thru File Explorer. Beneath are the steps for a similar.


Step 1: Proper-click on the Begin icon and choose File Explorer from listing Energy Person.


Step 2: Go to This PC utilizing the left sidebar.

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On to step 3: Proper-click on USB drive and choose options.


Step 4: Change to the tabinstrumentsand click on the buttonto look at“.

Step 5: Find Sure When the Person Account Management (UAC) immediate seems.



On to step 6: Click on to look at system to start out the scan.

If the Examine Disk utility fails to search out any points, proceed with the fixes beneath.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-leader-3-0-asloaded{max-width:300px!necessary;max-height:250px!necessary}}

5. Run the {hardware} troubleshooting device

Your Home windows 11 PC features a {hardware} and {hardware} troubleshooter that may clear up widespread issues with all of your exterior gadgets, together with USB storage drives. Because the troubleshooter shouldn’t be out there within the Settings app, you have to to make use of the “employmentto get to it.

Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + R to open the dialog field Run. Write msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic within the field and press Enter.


Step 2: Within the {Hardware} and Units window, click on superior.

On to step 3: Choose the checkboxApply repairs routinelyand press the following.


After working the troubleshooter, verify in case your USB drive reveals lacking information and folders.

6. Replace or reinstall the USB drivers

Generally outdated or faulty USB drivers in your pc can intervene with Home windows’ capability to point out the contents of your USB drive. You possibly can attempt to replace the problematic driver utilizing Machine Supervisor to see if that solves the issue.

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Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + S to entry the search menu. Write system supervisor within the search field and press Enter.


Step 2: Double-click “Common Serial Bus controllers” to broaden it.


On to step 3: Proper-click on USB drive related and choose Driver replace.

Observe the onscreen directions to complete updating the driving force software program.

In case your laborious drive or pen drive shouldn’t be displaying information even after updating the drivers, these drivers are probably corrupt. On this case, your best choice is to uninstall the problematic driver through Machine Supervisor after which restart your pc.


Home windows will routinely reinstall the drivers throughout boot. After that, the USB drive ought to show all information and folders.

Take again the irreplaceable

Detachable USB gadgets equivalent to flash drives and exterior laborious drives make it simple to switch information between computer systems. However when Home windows shouldn’t be displaying the content material of your USB drives, it may be tough to view these necessary information. Fortuitously, you may observe the above options to repair this.

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