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Microsoft is reportedly developing a new AI-powered app called “AI Explorer” for Windows 11. It may be released as part of version 24H2, which is expected to launch during the second half of 2024.

Although the company has yet to confirm the existence of this app, according to a new report from Windows Central, the “AI Explorer” will be one of the most important features coming as part of Windows 11 24H2. The app is being touted as an advanced Copilot, featuring a timeline functionality that tracks your activities and then makes everything searchable through AI.

If the feature sounds familiar, it is because on Windows 10, Microsoft also introduced a “Timeline” feature, but it never gained popularity and was then discontinued. The difference is that now, AI Explorer will be powered by AI, meaning that you will be able to use natural language to search for documents, web pages, conversations, and more across apps.

For instance, in the interface, you will be able to ask things like “Tell me the list of places that Johanna said she wanted to visit,” and the app will surface the activity containing that information. Also, you won’t have to be specific for the AI to understand. For example, you could say something along the lines of “Find me that thing about my last project,” and AI Explorer should be able to match the query intent.

While we are now getting more information, the feature isn’t a complete surprise. It has been noted in the past that a feature like this was coming, but we didn’t know the name or how it would work.

The report further explains that the AI-powered application will understand context, help you start projects, and even suggest actions based on the content on the screen. (Suddenly, “Jarvis” no longer looks like a fictional character.)

The new AI Explorer, along with other AI features and changes, is expected to roll out as part of Windows 11 24H2. However, the design of this new app, its full range of capabilities, and the features that will be available on day one are still unclear. Furthermore, it’s still unknown if this app will require additional hardware, such as NPU (neural processing units), to be supported.

Microsoft is expected to share more information about AI Explorer on March 21, when the company will be unveiling the new Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6, which will be among the first devices to be considered “AI PCs.”

These new AI PCs will also be among the first that will be able to run Copilot on-device (without the need for an internet connection), new Windows Studio Effects improvements (AI effects for audio and camera), Super Resolution (to upscale games with AI), and live captions and translations.

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