High 5 methods to repair Tab key not engaged on Home windows 11

Is your Tab key not engaged on Home windows 11? The Tab key performs an vital function on Home windows computer systems, and when it turns into unresponsive, it may possibly tremendously have an effect on your productiveness. Whether or not you employ it alone or together with the Alt + Tab keyboard mixture, turning it on will help your productiveness.

In case you are dealing with the identical challenge, there are numerous working options to unravel it. We are going to discover the fast methods to repair unresponsive Tab key on Home windows 11.


1. Test for bodily injury

Did you drop your keyboard just lately or unintentionally spill liquid on it? Bodily injury to the keyboard can have an effect on the right functioning of the Tab key. To verify if so, go to the keyboard take a look at web site and press the Tab key to see if it registers on the web site.



If an internet site fails to register the Tab key, it’s doubtless corrupt. In such circumstances, the one answer is to take the keyboard to a restore store.

Nonetheless, in case you have pressing work that requires the Tab key, think about using the on-screen keyboard as a workaround. Alternatively, you may as well assign a surrogate key to the Tab operate.

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2. Shut TeamViewer from the background

One other attainable motive why the Tab key isn’t working is the TeamViewer app. It might sound unusual, however some functions, similar to TeamViewer, can have an effect on the performance of the keyboard keys. To resolve this downside, you’ll need to shut TeamViewer from the background. This is the right way to do it:


Step 1: Press the keyboard shortcut Home windows + X and select Activity Supervisor from the listing that seems.

Step 2: Proper-click on a program TeamViewer and select End the job.



After that, verify in case you are nonetheless dealing with the issue. If not, you’ll be able to uninstall TeamViewer in case you are not actively utilizing it.

3. Run the {hardware} troubleshooter

The {Hardware} and Machine Troubleshooter is a Home windows utility that you should use to eliminate {hardware} issues in your laptop. You’ll be able to run the troubleshooter to repair Tab key not engaged on Home windows 11. This is the right way to run it:

Step 1: Press a keyboard shortcut Home windows + R To open Working instrument.

Step 2: Kind the command the subsequent within the search bar and click on on the button agree on.


msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

On to step 3: Click on the button “Superior Choices”.

Step 4: verify field “Robotically apply fixes” and click on the subsequent.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-large-mobile-banner-2-0-asloaded{max-width:336px!vital;max-height:280px!vital}}

The {hardware} troubleshooter will now search for any out there points. It should repair it routinely with out a lot consumer interplay if it finds any.

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4. Disable Stick Keys and Filter

Sticky Keys and Filter Keys are accessibility options that may have an effect on the traditional operation of keyboard keys. Sticky Keys means that you can use keyboard shortcuts by urgent one key at a time. Nonetheless, should you unintentionally press the Tab key too many instances rapidly, the Stick Keys function can change into energetic and make the Tab key unresponsive.

Then again, Filter Keys prevents the keyboard from responding to quick and frequent keystrokes. Nonetheless, should you unintentionally press the Tab key too many instances rapidly, the Filter Keys function can take into account it as a fallacious entry and make the Tab key unresponsive.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-leader-2-0-asloaded{max-width:336px!vital;max-height:280px!vital}}

If any of those conditions contributed to the issue, you’ll need to disable Sticky Keys and Filter Keys to unravel the Tab key not working challenge on Home windows 11. This is the right way to do it:

Step 1: Press Home windows + I keyboard shortcut to open an app Settings.


Step 2: Choose Accessibility from the left sidebar and select an possibility keyboard from the best pane.@media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-a7la_home_com-leader-4-0-asloaded{max-width:300px!vital;max-height:250px!vital}}

On to step 3: Disable the toggle subsequent to Sticky Keys and Filter Keys.


After that, restart your laptop and verify for the issue.

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5. Replace the keyboard driver

Tab button nonetheless not working? There is likely to be corruption within the keyboard driver, which might be inflicting the issue. One of the best ways to take away the corruption is to replace the keyboard driver. You are able to do this by following these directions:

Step 1: Press the keyboard shortcut Home windows + X and select Machine Supervisor from the listing.


Step 2: Double-click keyboard listing.

On to step 3: Proper click on on the keyboard and choose Driver replace from the context menu.


Step 4: Choose an possibility Search routinely for drivers.


Home windows will now verify for and obtain any out there keyboard driver replace. After that, restart your laptop, and you will note that you’re now not experiencing the issue.


These had been all of the options to repair Tab key not engaged on Home windows 11. Unresponsiveness in keys is commonly brought on by bodily elements and it is strongly recommended to take your keyboard to a restore store in such circumstances. Nonetheless, if the issue is triggered by a software program or Home windows challenge, you’ll be able to repair it utilizing the above options.


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