Prime 8 Methods to Repair Auto-Lock Not Engaged on iPhone

Auto-Lock is a safety characteristic that locks your iPhone after a specified interval of inactivity. So that you need not manually lock the iPhone. Additionally, the auto-lock protects your iPhone from unauthorized entry. Nevertheless, what if the auto-lock characteristic immediately stops working in your iPhone?

Such points with the auto-lock characteristic can put your private knowledge in danger and trigger you frustration. To assist, we have put collectively an inventory of useful troubleshooting tricks to get the auto-lock characteristic working once more in your iPhone.

1. Examine your auto-lock settings

Earlier than making an attempt anything, test if the auto-lock characteristic is enabled in your iPhone. Though this will appear apparent, there could also be occasions when this characteristic is by accident disabled.

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Step 1: Open an app Settings Scroll right down to click on on show and brightness.

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Step 2: Click on on Auto lock and choose Most popular period you’ve got from the next listing.

2. Disable Low Energy Mode

Is the Auto-Lock setting grayed out in your iPhone? It could possibly occur you probably have enabled Low Energy Mode in your iPhone. To show it off, open the Settings app and faucet on Battery. Subsequent, flip off the toggle subsequent to Low Energy Mode.

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After that, attempt to entry Auto-Lock setting again in your iPhone.

3. Restart your iPhone

One other factor that you are able to do when your iPhone will not flip off the display screen by itself is to show it again on. For iPhone X or later fashions, press and maintain the Sleep/Wake button together with one of many quantity buttons, then use the slider to show off your iPhone. On older iPhone fashions, press and maintain the Sleep/Wake button till the slider seems, and use it to show off your iPhone.

After your iPhone turns off, press and maintain the Sleep/Wake button to show it again on and test if the issue remains to be there.


AssistiveTouch is a helpful accessibility characteristic on iPhone that lets you shortly carry out many highly effective duties. Nevertheless, this characteristic can generally intrude with the iPhone’s capability to mechanically lock the display screen after inactivity. You possibly can strive turning this characteristic off to see if that helps.

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Step 1: Open an app Settings in your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on on Accessibility and choose contact from the following display screen.

On to step 3: Click on on AssistiveTouch And switch off the toggle from the following menu.

5. Flip off the Consideration Alert options

Consideration Conscious options on iPhone use the front-facing digital camera and sensors to detect if you happen to’re wanting on the machine. When enabled, these options can forestall the display screen from dimming or forestall the machine from mechanically locking whenever you have a look at the display screen. This may give the impression that the auto-lock characteristic just isn’t working in your iPhone.

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To keep away from any confusion, it’s best to disable Consideration Conscious options in your iPhone by following these steps:

Step 1: Open an app Settings Scroll right down to click on on Face ID & Passcode.

Step 2: cease Activate the change Subsequent to Consideration Options – Consideration.

6. Arrange the passcode once more

If the issue persists, strive disabling the passcode characteristic and setting it up once more. Several users reported on the Apple forums About fixing the issue with this trick, so that you may give this technique a shot.

Step 1: Open an app Settings in your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll right down to click on on Face ID and passcode and enter your machine passcode.

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On to step 3: Akhtar Possibility to show off passcode And enter your passcode to substantiate.

Reboot your iPhone, open the Settings app once more and head to Face ID & Passcode. Find Choice to activate passcode And arrange your passcode once more.

After finishing the above steps, test if the auto-lock characteristic is working.

7. Set up iOS updates

It is all the time a good suggestion to replace your iPhone to the newest model of iOS. These updates convey new options and handle recognized points with patches. If the issue you’re dealing with is brought on by a bug, then putting in the newest iOS updates will assist.

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To test for pending updates, open an app Settings and click on on normal. Click on on improve software program Examine for and set up pending updates.

8. Reset all settings

Lastly, if not one of the above suggestions assist you, you may attempt to reset all settings in your iPhone. This is not going to have an effect on your private knowledge, however it is going to return all custom-made settings to their default values.

Step 1: Open an app Settings. Scroll right down to faucet on Common and choose “Switch or reset iPhone” from the next listing.

Step 2: Click on on Reset and choose Reset all settings from the ensuing listing.

As soon as your iPhone has reset every thing, the auto-lock characteristic ought to work as anticipated.

Unleash your peace of thoughts

It may be irritating when an important characteristic like auto-lock stops working in your iPhone. We hope that one of many above fixes got here in helpful and your iPhone is now mechanically locked after staying idle. Inform us which answer labored for you within the feedback beneath.

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